In Norse mythology, Brísingamen (or Brísinga men) is the torc or necklace of the goddess Freyja. The name is an Old Norse compound brísinga-men whose . Mitä enemmän ikää tulee, sitä enemmän ystäväporukkamme tapaamiset ovat muuttuneet ruokapainotteisemmiksi ja tarjoilut kerta kerralta .

To many modern Heathens, Brisingamen is Freya’s beautiful necklace, made of gold or amber or gemstones. This is one of the myths surrounding Freya, the Brisingamen Necklace and the origins of Amber. Freya, beautiful, blue-eye blond goddess of love, beauty, and . BrÍsingamen is also Freyja’s necklace in Gylfaginning and Skaldskaparmal, the first two parts of the Poetic Edda, which aimed to explain poetic .

Freyja’s most famous and referred to affectation is her necklace. It’s exact design and meaning have been debated for . When Brisingamen graces your throat, no man can resist your charms. A glittering mantle of rich golden notes: five ambers, soft myrtle, apple blossom and . In Norse mythology, Brisingamen was a legendary necklace worn.


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