C++ string variable

The syntax to declare a new variable in C++ is straightforward: we simply write the. As with fundamental types, all initialization formats are valid with strings: . I’m having some trouble declaring a string variable.

What gave you the idea input = scanf was valid. I’m trying to do something very simple and yet, after an hour of so of. Have you considered using stringstreams?

However, without string variables about all we can do with strings is output string literals to the screen, so we need to expand our ability to handle string data.

C++ provides following two types of string representations: The C-style character string. The string class type introduced with Standard C++. The Visual C++ compiler supports strings, which are objects that represent text as a sequence of characters. Visual C++ supports string variables, whose value . Unlike built-in data types (int, double, etc.), when we declare a string variable without initialization (as in the example above), we do have the guarantee that the . C++ provides a structured data type called an array to facilitate this kind of task.

In C++ you can store and manipulate such values in string variables, which . In C++ strings of characters are held as an array of characters, one character. The string variable scould hold strings of length up to nine characters since .

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