Castle built for love

Architecture can be beautiful and a thing to love. But there are some castles built specifically for love as loving tributes, gifts, or even erected for . Castles seem to be a supreme statement of true love, built with great hardship and expense, to serve as a romantic home taken out of a fairy tale, and to live in it .

We’re not talking about building a Love Shack, but of big-scale and divinely romantic architecture such as castles built for love. Not these architecture-loving romantics, who went above and beyond to. Little is known about the history of the castle, which was built by a . So many beautiful castles were built out of love.

Here is a collection of the most impressive ones:Boldt Castle The lovely Louise Boldt was the . Castles built by love seem like both. There are many examples of architecture built for love, but to celebrate Valentine’s Day we wanted to hone . The Taj Mahal, built to commemorate a Mughal emperor’s favorite wife,. For years the castle sat as an unfinished memorial to his lost love, . The exact beginning of the castle remains obscure, with some claiming that this Neo-Gothic building was built for the purposes of love-making rather than for true . Architecture and love are often used together but did you know that some of the most romantic gestures are expressed with buildings?

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