Chin up world record

World Records for Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups World Pullup Day. New record claims for this list are welcome! The most chin ups in hours is 0and was achieved by Joonas Mäkipelto (Finland) at Ideapark Shopping Centre, Lempäälä, Finlan .

Finnish firefighter smashes 24-hour chin ups record in spite of serious. Guinness World Records title and a fiancée. Lee Chin-Yong (Korea), achieved 6chin-ups at Jongmyo Park, Seoul, South Korea on December 1994.

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Most pull ups in one minute – Guinness World Records. Video of me doing 1Chin ups in one minute (wearing my American Flag of course). The best scores ever recorded for the Chin Ups test of upper body strength endurance. Caine Eckstein sets new world chin up record.

Caine Eckstein has finished his world record pull-up marathon, completing 76pull-ups in 24 . World record for most consecutive pull-ups – 2in minutes. The record holder is Jan Kare� (Czech Republic) who did 2pull-ups in 36 .


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