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Although the Friends cast is incredibly grateful for the years they spent on the megahit show, Elle Macpherson has some regrets. After playing Janine Lacroix in five episodes of ‘Friends’, Elle Macpherson reveals why she believes doing the sitcom may have been a . Elle Macpherson reveals why she regrets her appearance on Friends.

Elle Macpherson hinted that she regrets her role as Janine Lecroix on ‘Friends’ — find out why. Elle Macpherson (born March 1964) is an Australian businesswoman, television host, model, and actress. She guest-starred as Janine Lecroix, Joey’s . Supermodel Elle Macpherson guest starred on Friends as Janine LeCroix but said in hindsight, she should have turned it down.

Elle Macpherson is an Australian model, businesswoman, television host and actress. The Edge (1997) and South Kensington (2001). She also had a recurring role on Friends and hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live. While appearing on Friends was the highlight of many a star’s career, do not count Elle Macpherson among them. Nearly two decades after Elle Macpherson appeared on Friends, the supermodel is admitting she regrets taking the role.

Remember when Elle Macpherson had a five-episode stint on the classic television show Friends? The Australian supermodel played Janine . I may not have chosen to do it’: Elle Macpherson explains why she regrets THAT iconic role on Friends and why it still plays on her mind TWO . Model Elle MacPherson told Australia’s ‘TV Week’ why she’s not happy about still being identified as her ‘Friends’ character Janine Lacroix.

SHE pulled off one of the most memorable guest stints of Friends’ entire ten-year run, but it seems Elle Macpherson may not do it all again if . Supermodel Elle Macpherson has revealed she now regrets her cameo role in Friends as Joey’s roommate Jenine. You’ll probably be quite surprised to find out why it is that supermodel Elle MacPherson regrets her Friends guest appearance. Elle Macpherson guest starred on Friends for five episodes but regrets taking the role. Find out why she may not have taken it here. Find out why Elle regrets her role!

Elle Macpherson Regrets Being On Friends! Answer: Elle Macpherson, apparently. Elle Macpherson just made a huge career confession! In a new interview, the model admitted that if she could rewind to 199 she’d reconsider. Ricordate Elle Macpherson in Friends nel ruolo di Janine, la coinquilina di Joey?

L’attrice e modella si è pentita di averla interpretata, ecco per . Of all the Friends guest stars, we can’t hand-on-heart claim that Elle Macpherson was our favourite. VIDEO – Voormalig supermodel Ell Macpherson had in 19een gastrol in Friends, maar ze wou dat ze dat nooit had gedaan. Elle Macpherson has done a lot of things in her career that were big news at the time, but are now distant memories: her nude romp in tepid sex . Elle Macpherson regrets doing Friends, but doesn’t regret this.

Supermodel Elle MacPherson says she has some regrets about her guest star stint on the hit 90’s sitcom. Although to you and me, a stint on Friends, that was very well received from both critics and fans would only be a great thing, Elle Macpherson . Elle Macpherson played Joey Tribbiani’s love interest in season six of Friends, but the model reckons that, looking back, she wouldn’t have .


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