Holby city chantelle car crash

Holby City’ characters in car crash horror – spoiler pictures. Chantelle is trapped in Arthur’s car and Malick is seriously injured while trying to . Holby City’s latest episode ended with a big cliffhanger as Arthur Digby was about to crash his car into the back of a truck.

Holby City star Lauren Drummond has spoken of her relief that her character Chantelle Lane hasn’t been killed off. Arthur Digby is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, played by actor. Writers created a car crash storyline for the character, Arthur accidentally.

Holby City’: Rob Ostlere on Arthur, Chantelle car crash horror.

Part of the dedicated montage video focusing on the Car Crash episodes involving Hanssen, Arthur and. Whilst out cruising in the Audi, Malick gets a shock when he discovers Hanssen’s (HEAVY) CD collection. Hanssen is still wrestling with his conscience after learning that he is to be a grandfather, and when Chantelle.

Post-crash, Hanssen is all set to take Malick in for a complex operation, when Chantelle is taken critically ill. Chantelle’s keen to be Holby’s ray of sunshine once more as she returns to work for the first time since the car crash that resulted in her having brain surgery. Holby City’s loveable nurse Chantelle Lane decides it’s time to move on.

The plot line of a car crash in Holby City is powerful drama, but it also provides a. FArthur who is accompanied by his (unrequited) love interest Chantelle. Following the recent car crash, fans were worried Chantelle .

Digby thought all of Chantelle’s problems (she’s now on beta-blockers for anxiety) could be traced back to that incident rather than the car crash . Arthur Digby is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City,. Arthur accidentally crashes his car into the back of a lorry with Chantelle and a . Holby City: A car crash of a marriage. Holby City – Hanssen, Arthur Chantelle – Car Crash Tribute 2. Holby City: Jac and Joseph: Never Think Time: 04:42.

Ever since that car crash weeks ago, iv been in hospital. After watching Holby City for weeks now, iv been loving the show as well as Casualty. Holby City – BBC 8pm (Scotlan 15pm).


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