The jostaberry is a complex-cross fruit bush in the Ribes genus, involving three original species, the black currant R. The name “jostaberry” itself is a combination of the German word for blackcurrant, “Johannisbeere” and for gooseberry, “Stachelbeere”. There’s a new kid in the berry patch.

Jostaberry comes from a complex cross between the black currant bush and gooseberry plant, combining . Mustaherukan ja karviaisen risteytys! Kahden eri lajikkeen ristipölytys lisää satoa. Josta’ berry (Ribes nidigrolaria) takes the looks of a gooseberry, removes the thorns, and makes it sweeter.

How to grow and harvest Jostaberry. A good guide in identifying the Jostaberry apart from Blackcurrants, is to crush a few leaves in the hand. Jostaberry leaves have no scent, except a normal “leafy” . Has anyone of your readers any experience in growing Jostaberry? I have a three year old Jostaberry bush.

It flowered this year and last, fruit . A hybrid cross of a Gooseberry and a Blackcurrant. Purple black fruits can be cooked or eaten raw when fully ripe. Excellent pest and disease resistance.

Jostaberry is a complex ribes hybrid of the European currant (Ribes nigrum) and gooseberry (Ribes sup). The attempt to capture the best qualities of both .


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