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A list of names in which the usage is Roman Mythology. A vast number of ancient Roman deities are known by name. Many of the Romans’ own gods remain obscure, known only by name and function, through inscriptions and texts that are often . VälimuistissaSamankaltaisiaKäännä tämä sivuThis is a list of Roman Gods and Goddesses that are in Roman mythology.

Greek, Roman, Etruscan, and Norse gods and . Greek Name, Roman Name, Description. The Greek and Roman Gods had similar roles and duties.

However, their names were different. For a list and table of the equivalent Greek and Roman gods and . The complete A-Z index of Roman Gods, Goddesses, spirits, demons, legendary monsters and other characters names from Roman mythology in alphabetical . Baby names inspired by Roman mythology are climbing the popularity charts. Check out the top Roman mythology names that are perfect . Finding Greek mythology baby names to name your little one?

Get information on Greek and Roman mythology, including names of gods and goddesses as well as the meaning behind their names. All of the planets, except for Earth, were named after Roman gods and goddesses. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury were given their names thousands .

There were many deities and divinities of ancient Rome and their names and roles are detailed in this Roman Gods list. A list of the Greek gods and their equivalent names in Roman mythology. A service that offers a variety of boy girl baby names, including Mythology boy girl.

The Greek and Roman civilizations shared many aspects in common, not the least of which was their pantheon, their collection of gods. The pantheon of Greek and Roman deities and other classical mythological figures can provide an abundant source of audacious baby names, all combining . Mythology provides a rich territory for baby names, so don’t be afraid to venture into the realm of fantastical. Juno, Roman name for Hera, goddess of women. Here are the twelve Olympian gods and a brief description of each. The Greeks and Romans shared the same stories, but used . The Romans believed in many different gods and goddesses.

For everything imaginable they had a god or goddess in charge. Simple descriptions of the main Roman gods and goddesses, suitable for schools. Greek go Relationship, Role, Attribute, Roman Counterpart.

Zeus, husband and brother of Hera, King and father of gods, sky.


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