Shaping body

Shapingbody, jossa on pitsiä lahkeensuissa ja ylhäällä pääntiessä. Joustavaa materiaalia, joka tukee ja muotoilee vartal. Shaping body with lace at the leg openings and at the cups.

Stretch fabric that shapes your body and gives a beautiful silho. Body Shaping -voiteessa tehokas kolmoisvaikutus yhdistyy miellyttävän tuntuiseen koostumukseen. Voide auttaa muokkaamaan vartaloa, . Check out our collection of body shaping garments and shaping apparel.

Slim and enhance your figure today with our amazing body shaping products! Be realistic with your goals by taking your body type into consideration. Here are some of my experiences to help you build an amazing physique. V-neck microfibre body with a light shaping effect on the tummy and seat, inset lace sections and narrow adjustable shoulder straps.

The exercises you select constitute your customized body-shaping routine, which you will do for the next days and beyond. Perform the exercises in the exact . The answer is simple: You are not doing the same body parts two days in a row! As you may recall, each workout day exercises different body parts.


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