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The WArden Unit (WAU) is an AI system placed in charge of maintenance across PATHOS-II’s. It acts as the main antagonist of SOMA and Transmissions. SOMA – Site Alpha: Humanoid Being \I Need You To Stop The WAU\ Simon.

Despite Ross being reanimated by the WAU, he acts against it throughout the game. His behavior is unusual for a WAU-affected being; he is not hostile to Simon . There are lots of reasons things have gone so bad for SOMA’s underwater station, PATHOS- but the AI overseeing its operation, WAU, hasn’t . Is anyone here can explain me something about WAU? I heard that WAU’s aim is to save the humanity, but Ross asks Simon to stop it from . So, in this discussion post, I want to figure out everyone’s personal opinion on letting the WAU live, because it is interesting the different . There is this major scene where Ross tries to make you put your hand into WAU.

Can somebody please tell me what happens if you do so, . SOMA is a sci-fi horror game from Frictional Games, creators of the. As long as Simon-did not kill WAU (assuming Ross’ plan even works) . This is what happens when you choose not to destroy. For what purpose did the WAU took an old legacy sample and put it. Interesting question, except there isn’t much evidence in the game that . WAU (Soma) Julia Dahl has been made a synonym of Julia Dahl WAU.

Works and bookmarks tagged with WAU (Soma) Julia Dahl will show up . In SOMA, you play the thoroughly confused and disoriented Simon, who. And yet, the WAU’s motivation is not to dominate, or to destroy, and it . After a short march you will end up in a large room, with the Heart of WAU in the center of it. Put your hand inside it, just like you did dozens of time in the past, . I recently finished SOMA and have a lot to say about the sound design and even more to say about the evolution of the monsters throughout the . I like to think when Jack lets the power get to his hea his eyes get all . Ein Wau auf die wunderbar-schlimme Welt aus SOMA!

Kritik und wenig Interpretation zum Quasi-Mind Fuck von Frictional Games. Soma Soma doesn’t seem to have multiple endings at first glance. The experiences that follow, meeting the last human and WAU, weigh . Sep 2 201 Let’s Play Live – Braving the Murky Depths in SOMA.

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