String furniture

Scandinavian design company best known for the minimalistic string shelving system, the Swedish architect Nils Strinning’s . Tänään tuli uutiskirje String Systems sarjan uutuuksista ja nämä oli kyllä aika kivoja ja käytännöllisiä ja täydentävät hyvin vanhoja tuotteita. Manufacturer String furniture (Sweden).

It may seem strange that something as humble as . This is the official Facebook-page for String Furniture. We produce the classic String-shelf,. String systemoderne depuis 19!

Véritable icône du design scandinave, le système d’étagères modulables String a été créé en 19par . String is simple to assemble and the shelves can be easily repositioned. Books are kept in place by the side panels, and shelves of different depths can be .

There are many reasons why String and String Plex have been popular for over years. Sometimes perfection is simplicity, and Nisse Strinning’s String shelf is a prime example. After over years, the String shelf feels as contemporary as ever. Since its launch in 194 the String Furniture has received more than prestigious international awards. String was originally developed as an affordable and . String System is a flexible shelving system that Swedish architect Nils Strinning designed in 1949.

The signature ladder-like side panels can be combined with . String Shelving is the Swedish storage system with design classic pedigree. Next day UK delivery for stock String shelf items. String Shelving is a highly flexible system of storage which lends itself to large and small compositions.

Designed in 19by Swedish architect Nils Strinning it . Presentation of more than string furniture products from families. All infos, CAD files, catalogues, images and retailers in your city. VälimuistissaKäännä tämä sivuHAUS offers contemporary furniture, lighting and homeware online and from our.

String is the original component shelving system designed by the Swedish . See all String Furniture online here. Order the shapely white coloured variable and flexible Shelving System by the Swedish manufacturer String in the interior design shop.