Swedish goggles

The Swedes Swedish Goggles are a long-time favorite of competitive swimmers. Its unique and low-profile look is available in many colors. All goggles in the Jewel Collection are UV-treated and the soft coloured.

Malmsten Swedish Goggles has constantly been refined and improved with the aim . Malmsten Swedish Goggles Antifog JEWEL Collection. Swedish goggles are a classic and popular type of swimming goggles worn by many competitive swimmers. The original Swedish goggles were produced by .

Swedish Goggles, also known as Swedes, are made up of main pieces: the hard plastic goggle for each eye, a nose piece, and an elastic . I too was very skeptical about the adjustability of these and if they would be remotely comfortable. I will tell you that I am I high school swimmer and they are . The original one, in white rubber, has to 1cm, but it won’t last. Mine broke in less of a month with periodic training.

I would suggest you Silicone Goggles . There are few greater swimming pleasures than wearing brand new goggles! I am a relatively recent user to Swedishs (aka Swedes), .


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