Tanki online test server

Добро пожаловать на страницу тестовых серверов Танков Онлайн! Большую часть времени серверы работают в режиме закрытого тестирования: . Communication~Rules for playing and communicating with others are not any different from the ones for the main server. To access Tanki Online’s test server, . Tanki Online should have the test servers open all the time so new players know theres a place to practice their skill and so other players can play anytime they . This is why all battles were held on a specially designated test server, running a special build of the game, which was made specifically for this . Tanki Online’s Test Server is a separated server from the game, where new features are usually tested by parts of the community before being released to .

Test server tankionline invite code. A unofficial page of the TO Test Server for tell you when it’s open with cool info !


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