Tesla model 3 interior

Clicking on the image will take you to where I got the photo from. The top album are spy shots of release candidates. Below are separate exterior and interior . Tesla has been very tight-lipped regarding the continued development of their upcoming mass-market electric car, the Model 3. We have now learned that the designer in charge of the Model 3’s steering wheel is responsible for the praised interior of Porsche’s Mission E. This site was encouraged by fans and created by an eager model reservation holder.

It is in no way affiliated with Tesla Motors.

As Tesla shares hit highs again on Friday, we’re probably getting the last glimpses of the final Model 3. Following this week’s sighting of a very refined looking blue Tesla Model driving near the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters, the vehicle . Although Tesla has officially launched the Model (and hundreds of thousands of people have put down $10to reserve one), we still don’t . With Tesla slated to begin mass production on the Model in just about. Model interior, Elon Musk recently confirmed that the Model 3 .

Here’s everything we know about the Tesla Model including its. The finalized exterior and interior have yet to be reveale so stay tuned for . Check out our exclusive image gallery of the new Tesla Model 2017. The images include interiors, exteriors, road tests and 3degree view of the car. This is a blanked out pre-production prototype.

Nobody outside of Tesla knows what the interior of the Model will look like right now. Some photos of the Model 3’s interior have been circulating recently; in them, the center display strongly dominates the car’s interior space, . Tesla is promoting the interior space of the Model as one of its chief selling points. The wheels are forced out to the corners and the battery . We couldn’t get in the driver’s seat at the Tesla Model launch event, but we did manage to get a ride in a dual-motor performance model.

Tesla was caught testing its new Model on public roads showing off some of the final production lines and the finished interior.


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