Trunks sword

Future Trunks’ sword is a powerful blade that Future Trunks carries around with him from his. After Hirudegarn’s defeat, Tapion gives Trunks his swor stating that it was always meant for him, referencing to the fact that his alternate timeline counterpart, . Thanks to Smith Forge Hard Cider for helping us build this episode! In this video, I give two explanations on how Future Trunks got his sword.

I really want you guys to share your. Trunks Gets His Sword in DBZ movie 13. It’s not that he never learns to use the swor it’s that he doesn’t have one.

Bulma created that sword for Marai Trunks to fight the Jinzoningen . Buy Dragon Ball Z Trunks Sword online from the house of Swords Kingdom that features realistic details, durable construction, and authentic feel. I was watching The History of Trunks special and when he put on his sword to go fight the androids I wondered how he got his sword because . Where does Future Trunks sword come from. Did Trunks use his Ki on his sword?

B0073YB9UGVälimuistissaKäännä tämä sivu Arvio: – ‎arvosteluaDetailed Trunk sword replica, this model includes a vibrantly colored sheath with wide back straps and buckle.


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