Victoria 2 finland

Today Finland is an independent nation in Scandinavia. In the game it starts as a part of Russia with cores in northern and southern Finland. Abandon Finland is a decision available to Sweden.

Sweden will lose its cores on the Russian controlled Finlan which makes it impossible to . Siirry kohtaan Finland – Most likely Finland will not be included when first forming Scandinavia. Scandinavia has cores on Finlan so one can take it from . One problem with Finland in Vic is that its treated as a normal Russian province and not a grad dutchy as it was.

Victoria Finnish MegaCampaign – Part – Duration: 33:15. The year is 18right now and I have Finland sphered and allied. How do I integrate the Finnish people? Short answer – yes, unless you want to become Scandinavia, and have the Russians constantly on your back.

So in Merk’s recent Victoria LP, I briefly talked about the stuff I was working on to better portray the position of Finland within the Russian.


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